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IC Information

Character name: Casper LeBlanc, Jr.

Character canon: Scion/WoD

Canon point: Heading towards Jupiter City.

Character history: A warning before you read further:

Casper's history deals with some fairly rough topics, including death, drug abuse, Nazis, fratricide, attempted rape, and emotional/possibly physical child abuse.

Got it? Good.

Casper's story begins up in Montreal, Canada. His father was a single parent, running a funeral home. Young Casper grew up around dead bodies and grieving widows, the scent of flowers and a knowledge from early on that the world was not as safe as it seemed. His city, you see, had a vampire problem. Bodies would come in with suspicious puncture marks, but his father told him to keep his mouth shut. No one believed him, anyway, just like no one believed him that there was a man who talked to him. 'Creepy Whisper Man' was no imaginary friend, but a ghost. He would sometimes tell Casper about what it was like to die, or what it was like to kill. He was the ghost of a serial killer, after all. Casper tried not to pay attention to the darker bits of his friend's discussions. Casper also had a bird that he rescued - a baby raven that he named Bob, in his infinite childhood creativity.

Casper and his father eventually moved from Montreal to Colorado when Casper was in high school, and there Casper made friends with a girl named Aiden. She was smart, capable, and funny, and willing to tolerate Casper's chronic tendency to put his foot in his mouth. Soon after they met, Casper was visited by a woman while he was researching mythology in the library. The woman had a face that was half-decayed, and she took Casper aside and told him that she was his mother, Hel. She gave Casper a bone necklace and told him that his raven was going to be important, as well. Without much more of an explanation, she was gone. Soon afterwards, Casper received a clear baseball bat that seemed very cold. He didn't give all of this too much more thought as school was picking up.

Unfortunately he didn't get to enjoy school for very long. On the way to a charity dinner that he had won a contest to go speak at, things went wrong. Trolls headed through things and buildings started to collapse, and the event's hall was quickly in ruins. Casper met up with Aiden and an older person named Caspian, as well as one of one of Caspian's friends, and together they fought off the trolls. They were doing pretty well until Aiden got captured, and Casper ran off after them, up towards the mountains. He rescued Aiden and they met up with the other two. Casper should have known something was wrong, but the revelation that they were all children of various gods was kind of more important at the moment.

They started traveling together, and eventually started heading towards Hawaii, bashing through monsters all the way. After some misadventures with cop cars, trolls, kidnappings, and mystical hobo sex, they finally made their way to the base of the Children of Hephaestus off the shore of Hawaii. And then they were promptly sent back to the mainland to deal with more monsters. Joy. More monsters rampaged across the land, and our intrepid heroes chased them down as much as they could before heading back towards Hawaii to relax. (And for Aiden's mom to get married. To Ares. Aiden was a child of Hades and this did not go over well.) Aiden got captured by a giant, and Casper tried to rescue her. Caspian made him leave by threatening to shoot Casper's father, so he went along with it. Aiden was strong... so she would be fine, right?

This was a mistake.

Caspian, a heroin addict, stopped a car, shot the driver, and took the car. Casper went along with this because he wasn't sure what else to do. Unfortunately, there were two kids in the car. Caspian terrorized Casper into sedating one of them. The other one ran off, but Casper finally snapped and tried to attack Caspian when the ghosts Caspian had in his pocket (from a poker game) started calling Casper a monster. Determined to get the kids to a hospital, Casper stopped the car. Caspian handed Casper a tire iron to kill the kids with. Casper attacked Caspian, and ended up being shot in the leg and left to bleed out. Which he did. Fatally.

He went to Helheim, body included, to stand in front of Hel. Casper's mother was not pleased by this development, and allowed him to climb back up Yggdrasill in order to come back to life - but she stuffed his soul inside of his raven. Determined to not let his weakness be taken advantage of again, Casper clawed his way back to life out of his grave minus half of one leg. Fortunately, he made his way to the base where the Children of Hephaestus made him a prosthetic inlaid with runes.

More fighting ensued over the next months, and the group shifted focus. Casper wanted to go after Caspian, but Caspian ran off somewhere as the Titans and titanspawn started to become a bigger threat, and so it was just Casper and Aiden who joined up with a bunch of other Scions. (Caspian was a thief as well as a drug addict, and given that he was a child of Hermes, patron of thieves and tricksters, if he didn't want to be caught, he wouldn't be.) Casper did some serious physical training during this time, so as to not be caught in a similar situation as the one he was in. A bunch of fights later, and Casper was visited by his mother again, instructing him to go take out a lab. Not willing to risk his mother's wrath, Casper went off to take out this lab, which turned out to be full of stolen Nazi experiments. And one of the experiments happened to be... Casper's older brother that he didn't know he had. Not half-brother, full brother, because as his father revealed when he came in to finish the job while Casper was getting the shit beat out of him, he was a mage and had been a scientist during World War II. Casper knew that their family line was German, but not... that. Somewhat disillusioned, he helped kill his brother and went back to rejoin the group.

Casper's soul was stuck in Bob until he 'proved himself', and this largely seemed to consist of being stuck with the worst jobs his mother could give him. He dragged souls around as he tried to find an entrance to the Underworld to shove them into, and kept fighting monsters with his new group along the way. One one trip back across the ocean from the base, their ship got sucked under the sea and into the domain of a powerful ocean spirit. They were treated to his 'hospitality', and given the choice of his children to spend the night with. Casper, in his infinite bad luck, was stuck with Prince Crab who was nice if somewhat misshapen... until they were alone and the prince tried to force himself on Casper. Casper climbed the walls and ceiling to get away from him and escaped, hiding out until the rest of his group was ready to go, and got the hell out of there with a newfound terror of crabs and shellfish. The group continued on their trip to the northeast part of the United States, dodging zombies and trolls and horrific creatures of all sorts on their way to Jupiter City, which is where the story leaves off.

Character world: You know the World of Darkness. This is that world merged into the world of Scion. Scion is a canon where the gods are real. All of them. (Maybe not the Abrahamic one, that's still up for debate and is never answered in canon, though there's something that claims it's that god. It probably isn't. But it might be.) World War II was caused/made worse by Loki attempting to thwart Ragnarok (good job, Loki), numerous people through history have been scions (children of the gods), and things are vaguely analogous to 2003/2004ish Earth.

Sort of. The world's starting to (attempt to) end, thanks to the Titans - the ancient enemies of the gods - trying to escape from their prisons. The gods are spending all of their time and energy trying to hold the door shut, so their children are the ones who have to do most of the work. ... If they don't go power-crazy, at least.

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