onecatmore: (explaining)
Marja Virtanen ([personal profile] onecatmore) wrote in [personal profile] modmachine 2016-09-30 07:17 pm (UTC)

The first is a Mage: the Ascension avatar who is strong enough to take a physical shape of a cat. It's only visible to Marja and well, what exactly it is depends on your preferred philosophy but it is an external part of her soul that arrived a bit later than the rest?

The second is a Shadowrun guardian spirit. It can't be traced, can't be influenced, impacts some personality stats of the person and like Mage avatars does some spiritual guidance/prodding the magic user with sticks until they learn. It (in this case) takes the form of a cat and can only be seen by the person that it is attached to. Again what exactly it is depends on your philosophy - some say that it is a part of the person's subconsciouseness, others say that it is a spirit that transcends all rules and laws of the astral planes.

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