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Drop/Hiatus post

Got somewhere else you need to be? We understand. Life happens. You can hiatus for up to one activity check worth (one month). Hiatuses lasting less than two weeks halve your usual activity requirements (to at least one thread, mod-exploration log, or NPC log). Hiatuses lasting two weeks to a month allow you to bypass activity check for that month.

As noted on the AC and Rules page, hiatuses cannot be used one right after each other. If you need to arrange a longer hiatus, please contact the mods. We're willing to arrange something if you explain your circumstances before you go.

Hiatus Form

We're sorry to see you go. Note that if you desire to re-app your character at a later time, due to how drops work in Hex, you can only re-apply the same incarnation of a character (that is, a version with memories of their first time in the game) as a Native AU, regardless of which status they originally had when first apped.

Drop Form