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Reserving a character has two benefits. First, it gives you a headstart in the queue - when your application is completed, you go into the queue based on when you reserved, not based on when you submitted your application. Secondly, it prevents anyone else from submitting an app for that character. (At this time, we do not allow challenge applications, except in extenuating circumstances.)

Reserves last for two weeks. You may request an extension one time, for one week, per reserve, but moderators will not prompt you to take an extension. After your reserve expires, you may not reserve the same character again for one week (though you are welcome to make other reserves).

You may have only one reserve at a time. If you want to change your reserve from canon arrival to setting AU or vice versa, comment on your original reserve and you will retain your spot. If you want to change your reserve to a different character, comment your original reserve and you will be moved to the end of the relevant queue. If you wish to retract a reserve entirely, comment your original reserve and we’ll pull you out of the queue.

!!Important!!: You MUST submit your application with the same journal you used to reserve. No buts. (This does not need to be the journal you use to play in game. It can be a personal journal or whatever other journal you want, as long as the two match.)

Please title your reserve comment with the character’s name, and whether they will be apped as canon or native AU.

Last updated: Dec 5 11PM EST
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