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1. Don't be a dick. The most basic rule in every game. Don't be an ass to other players, and don't be afraid to contact the mods if someone's an ass to you. Respect other people's squicks. Don't force people into anything they don't want to play.

2. Don't infomod. This is especially important because a lot of information is given to players about the game that the characters won't know ICly until they figure it out or get it from an NPC source. Likewise, there will be a lot of theorizing (as is inevitable in any game with an element of mystery) - characters are welcome to have theories ICly, but these shouldn't be based off of information they don't have.

3. Use appropriate thread warnings. It's a horror game, but don't be a jerk. If there's potentially triggy/squicky content in a thread, put a warning of some kind in either the post header or the comment headers.

4. You must be 18 to get on this ride. This is due both to the horror nature of the game and the fact that the World of Darkness as a whole leaves a lot of space open for sexual situations.

5. IC actions = IC consequences. No playing like you can just avoid the results of the things your character pulls - that's a low-key form of godmodding and won't be tolerated. But by the same way, Ic actions shouldn't have OOC consequences unless they're breaking an OOC boundary.

6. When in doubt, hassle a mod. If you've got a question, we're happy to answer. If you've got some kind of plot idea you want to do, pitch it to us! And if someone needs a slap on the wrist, we've got rulers handy.

AC is two things a month. What counts as a thing? A log, a thread on a log, a chat log that has been posted to the comms, an interaction with an NPC, or an exploration log. At least one of those threads must be between you and another player (IE not an NPC post or an exploration post). There is not a minimum comment requirement, but at least one of your things must be new/current.

AC runs the first seven days of every month, with warning being posted at the last 24 hours. You may hiatus for up to one activity period (as explained on the hiatus post), and thus be exempt from AC. If you need a longer hiatus, please contact a moderator.