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Something on the setting page or an update really itching at you, and the mods didn't put up a log? Drop us a line here and we'll work something out for what your character(s) find in their explorations! Alternately, hit up a mod on plurk or discord.

You can also use this page to request NPC interactions, or things in an upcoming update that you would like to poke at.

Comments are unscreened to allow other players the chance to get involved in the exploration log, and deleted once the log is cleared. (NPC logs that don't merit a full entry on their own will be attached to the bottom of update posts.) If you would prefer to keep a request to a certain limited group of players, please put Closed in the subject header.

Something you want to plan for your fellow players? By all means, tell us about it! While a lot of the action in Hex is PC-driven, there are times when a character may have a major ability that would affect other PCs, or when you as a player want to get something big organized. As mods, we'd love to work with you to make sure it doesn't interfere with any other plans and is fun for everyone, so if you have a plot you want to bring to us, please let us know here!