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In order to keep the number of players from getting overwhelming for the mods, all applications are processed in a queue in the order submitted and characters are accepted as space becomes available (either as space in the game is increased or other characters are removed from the game). Acceptance into the queue does not guarantee entrance to the game; unless there are glaring errors in the application (such as a missing section) or moderator concerns, all applications go into the queue based on the time of reserve (if applicable) or submission.

There are two queues, one for newly arrived characters and one for those who are already residents of Hex. At the time of game opening, there will be twelve slots for new arrivals and twelve for current residents, discounting moderator characters. (Moderator characters apped in after game start will be a part of the queue.) The remaining four slots in the game will go to whichever fills up first.

Post your applications to this entry in the following format: First comment should contain the OOC information section only. Successive comments should be posted in reply to that comment, as many as you need. Moderator responses will be appended to the last comment of the application.

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AU nature:
Haseo is a Sin-Eater, with Skeith playing the role of his geist. His threshold identifies him as one of the Torn, and he can wield the Keys of Passion and Stigmata. His Manifestations of choice are Caul and Rage. His keystone is a six-inch long cross that doubles as a stake, and he also possesses a charmed chainsaw that jams a lot and is generally not as useful as he'd like it to be.

Further details on his abilities as a Sin-Eater can be found here, for those canonblind to Geist or anyone who just wants a better idea of Haseo's specific talents regarding his abilities (also for my own reference tbh).

AU history:
When Ryou was ten, he was involved in some horrific incident. Whether it was an accident, an attack, or something else—he doesn't know. It was traumatic enough that he completely repressed the memory, blocking out every detail except for the fact that he was in the hospital for awhile and missed several months of school. His parents were happy to let him forget, and so the incident became a taboo that was never to be discussed. He was transferred to a new school to further distance himself from the trauma. Ryou lived a relatively normal life, never thinking about that odd hole burned into the back of his mind.

He forgot, but it still changed him. Ever since that day, Ryou became something of a dowsing rod for the supernatural. He didn't see or hear strange things, but he had an attraction to anything haunted or marked by death. He was always able to pick out the charms and the mementos from ordinary trinkets, the true hauntings from the fakes or other supernaturals, but it was an ability almost completely unknown to him for years. He didn't think anything strange of the things he picked up on, and was too much of a skeptic to even consider the possibility of ghosts or otherwise. To him, he was just a perfectly normal, ordinary guy.

Over the course of eight months, his life completely changed. It started with a chance meeting that may not have been chance at all. Looking for directions in an unfamiliar part of town, Ryou realized too late that his "guides" were actually muggers leading him to a secluded alleyway. Before they could take a stab at him, a mysterious figure appeared to scare them off, saving Ryou's life. The man identified himself as Ovan, and the first thing he told him was that he had a gift. Ovan didn't elaborate further, though he did invite Ryou to meet with him again before parting ways.

Cautious but intrigued, he decided he wanted to find out more. This is what brought Ryou to join the group known as the Twilight Brigade—an occult club that teetered on the edge of being a cult, with Ovan at its center. The second-in-command who did most of the organizational work was a woman named Shino, who Ryou fell for almost immediately. He came for Ovan, but it was Shino that he stayed for.

The Twilight Brigade's activities were both vague and bizarre. They were told that they were looking for something called the Key of the Twilight, which was some vague and mystical item that most certainly did something, but no one had any idea what. Rumours about it floated around from time to time, but most agreed that it was entirely fictional. Still, Ovan insisted that it was real, and Shino did a good job of motivating the members to help out in the search. They would scour caves and tunnels for clues, or visit locations surrounded by rumours and myths to see what they could find... but rarely did they find anything. The Brigade had far more former members than current members, to say the least. People that knew of its existence considered it something of a joke, and Ovan an eccentric weirdo.

Ryou's presence started to change that, however, because Ryou had a knack for finding those clues that Ovan so desperately wanted. They started to collect strange fragments infused with supernatural power—pieces of a key that wasn't the legendary Key of the Twilight, but that supposedly held some relevance to the legend. Once enough pieces were found, Ovan guided them to an underground ruin where a ritual would be performed. The results were unmistakable. Up until that point, Ryou still had some doubts about the supernatural part of things and only played along with Ovan's games so he could stay alongside Shino. But when all the fragments were brought together in those ruins, a gateway opened up, if only for a brief moment in time. Ovan entered that gateway, ordering the rest of them to stay behind in case anyone tried to follow him. A few minutes later, the gateway closed shut.

Ovan never returned after entering the gate. He disappeared without a single trace, and the fragments that had once opened the gate lost their power. The remaining members of the group were completely shaken, both by their leader's disappearance and the bizarre reality that they'd witnessed, and everyone quickly scattered to the wind and cut contacts. The only ones who lingered were Shino and Ryou. Shino was the closest to Ovan, and Ryou wanted nothing more than to comfort her. It was never part of the plan for Ovan to vanish, but she believed that he would reappear and contact them if they waited patiently.

Unfortunately, things would not work out that way. One day, Shino contacted Ryou asking him to meet with her. The location was an odd but familiar one—an abandoned church that they'd once searched for clues. When Ryou arrived, Shino had collapsed in front of the cathedral's altar, a large triangular wound cut into her torso. The police and paramedics were called, but there was no saving her. She was dead before they arrived.

Ryou was briefly held for questioning, but he was let go when the investigation ran into more and more dead ends. There was no murder weapon, no clues, and even the cause of death was a mystery. The wounds on her body were deep, but she didn't die from the bloodloss. It was as if something had simply caused her heart to stop.

Rumours started floating around about similar mysterious deaths: a killer who carved jagged scars into his victims and disappeared without a trace. Some even claimed him to be a vengeful ghost or demon, but information was scattered and vague at best. There were many different names and variations of the tale, but the name that stuck with Ryou most was "Tri-Edge".

At this point, Ryou knew that there was something much greater than him going on. Despite that, and despite the obvious danger, he still wanted answers. He wanted to find Ovan, track down Shino's killer and put him to justice, no matter what. He dedicated himself to the task, using his few remaining contacts from the Twilight Brigade and searching online message boards for rumours and stories about the bizarre rumours. He also started giving a fake name around this time—if he'd learned nothing else from Ovan, it was that he probably shouldn't be giving out his real identity when meddling with supernatural affairs. In his day to day life he remained Ryou, but when investigating the supernatural he went by Haseo. He gained something of a reputation on the sites that he frequented, though his faith in them became less and less the more he searched. Finding real resources for the paranormal was difficult when there were so many fakes and false rumours floating around, and over time he stopped relying on those resources altogether. He became something of a legend himself—a mysterious hunter chasing after he ghostly Tri-Edge, seeking revenge for his dead friend.

Finding information on Tri-Edge was his main priority, but he also needed to know how to stop a supernatural killer, so Haseo found himself dipping into the research of hunters as well. Unfortunately, he never had much luck. He had no one to guide him, so it was impossible for him to know what would work and what wouldn't until he tried. He attempted to get in contact with some of the ex-Brigade members, but the few that he could get a hold of either refused to speak with him or didn't know anything useful.

Months passed with little to show, until finally Haseo received something unexpected: an e-mail from Ovan, asking to meet with him at a secluded location. He came, and sure enough, Ovan was waiting for him. Ovan spoke cryptically about his absence and, in the end, he never did explain where he was all those months. What he did give Haseo was a piece of information: the killer will return to the scene of the crime.

Looking back, Haseo would realize how foolish he'd been to return to that place. But he was desperate, and it was the only lead he had. The old church was empty when he arrived, but just as Ovan predicted, something appeared there. He attempted to communicate with "Tri-Edge", to get some kind of answer or explanation out of it, but it gave him no answer. When it finally decided to attack, he never had a chance to escape. All he could remember was the sensation of something thick and heavy piercing his chest, the sounds of his own screams, and an agonizing pain that engulfed his entire body before he lost consciousness. He was dead before he could comprehend what had happened.

Of course, death wasn't the end for Haseo. Before his soul could slip away, a terrifying figure of blood and bone appeared before him. The figure introduced himself as Skeith, the embodiment of the fear one experiences upon death, and told Haseo that he'd been watching him for quite some time. He mocked him for his failures, but he also offered Haseo a second chance at life, and another chance at revenge against Shino's killer. Haseo accepted the offer without hesitation.

He awoke on the floor of the church, his body still wracked with pain but otherwise intact. Whatever had killed him before didn't leave a mark on his body. "Tri-Edge" had completely vanished as well, leaving no trace that it had been there at all. He was back to square one in his search. Even so, it wasn't a complete loss. He very quickly learned what it meant to bound to a geist like Skeith. With the power to speak to the dead, finding out about Shino's killer suddenly seemed like a much simpler task.

Unfortunately, it still wouldn't be that simple. Despite her violent death, Shino didn't leave behind any ghost that Haseo could find or learn about. She'd either passed on immediately, or her soul was somewhere else he couldn't reach. With further investigation he learned that her body had actually vanished shortly after the autopsy. The details had been covered up to prevent any more rumours or panic, but the result was that he had no body or ghost to work with. All he had to go on were the whispers of what may have happened to her, according to the passing spectres who claimed to witness some part of it. The dead seemed more likely to speak to him about it than the living ever had, and so Haseo began taking on his duties as a Sin-Eater in order to gather those scraps of information. He also used this as an opportunity to hone his abilities and build more power, preparing for his inevitable rematch against Tri-Edge.

It's been three months since Haseo was reborn as a Sin-Eater. He's still an amateur who lacks proper training, but he's a quick learner with a natural talent for his line of work. Skeith's nature draws him to victims of murders, violent deaths, and the occasional murderer-turned-victim, many of them seeking revenge. He mostly works with the dead, but not always on the dead's side—having learned from his previous experiences with false information, he knows better than to act without hearing both sides of the story. He's known both for destroying the rampaging ghosts that terrorize innocent mortals and enacting justice on those mortals who deserve it. Killing living people is something he avoids (as much as Skeith would love for him to let loose and bathe in the blood of their enemies every once and a while), but sometimes forcing someone to face their darkest fears and suffer torment for the rest of their lives still isn't enough to fit the crime. For the absolute scum of humanity, he'll not only kill them but ensure that they go straight to the darkest depths of the Underworld. Needless to say, Haseo does not plan to take a lot of trips to the Underworld.

Despite accidentally becoming a key part of the Tri-Edge legends, Haseo is almost completely unknown within the real supernatural communities. He has his own (wildly inaccurate) rumours and stories of his quest for revenge, but most write them off as just that—rumours and stories. Tri-Edge itself is still something of a mystery as well, and different groups have their own theories as to who or what it might be, if it even exists. Haseo prefers to work alone and doesn't involve himself with other Sin-Eaters or their krewes, and those who do encounter him rarely make the connection between him and the Haseo of legend. Those who know enough to make the connection tend to assume he ripped the name off the Internet rather than being the real deal. The real Haseo is a bit underwhelming compared to the stories that have been made up about him.

When not being a vigilante of ghostly justice, Ryou still lives a (relatively) normal life. He's currently going to an expensive private school and living alone in a small apartment, both paid for by his parents. He works part time at a convenience store during the summer.

  • The Twilight Brigade was an obscure occult club/cult that existed until about nine months ago. It's founder, a man named Ovan, was known for being an eccentric. Little else is known about Ovan. Barely anyone remembers the cult at all because no one took it seriously before it fell apart.

  • There's an urban legend that started within the past couple of years about a supernatural killer called Tri-Edge. Other names may have been given to it before the Tri-Edge name became more popular, or the stories may have been fused with other supernatural activities at some point. The deaths related to the rumour have mostly been either covered up or given very little publicity, but all of the victims died of mysterious causes and their bodies vanished. Victims do not leave ghosts, either because they didn't actually die or because something was done to trap their souls. Most don't believe in the rumours at all due to a large amount of false information floating around about it.

  • About nine months ago, Haseo started frequenting sites asking about the Tri-Edge rumour. The only information he added to the stories was that it killed an unnamed friend of his, and that he was determined to hunt the creature down and stop it. After only a couple months he stopped frequenting these sites and became a part of the legend himself. Over time the stories became more and more exaggerated until Haseo became known as a skilled and powerful hunter of the supernatual, with all kinds of ridiculous stories of his supposed accomplishments. Most don't believe in these stories, either. Haseo finds the whole thing embarrassing.

  • Local ghosts might speak of a "different" Haseo who recently started working as a Sin-Eater in the area. He prefers to deal with victims of violent deaths or dangerous ghosts that need to be put down. Other Sin-Eaters in the area may have heard of him or run into him at one point or another, but he's reclusive and prefers to work alone. He doesn't come off as anything particularly special.