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In order to keep the number of players from getting overwhelming for the mods, all applications are processed in a queue in the order submitted and characters are accepted as space becomes available (either as space in the game is increased or other characters are removed from the game). Acceptance into the queue does not guarantee entrance to the game; unless there are glaring errors in the application (such as a missing section) or moderator concerns, all applications go into the queue based on the time of reserve (if applicable) or submission.

There are two queues, one for newly arrived characters and one for those who are already residents of Hex. At the time of game opening, there will be twelve slots for new arrivals and twelve for current residents, discounting moderator characters. (Moderator characters apped in after game start will be a part of the queue.) The remaining four slots in the game will go to whichever fills up first.

Post your applications to this entry in the following format: First comment should contain the OOC information section only. Successive comments should be posted in reply to that comment, as many as you need. Moderator responses will be appended to the last comment of the application.

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Re: Richter Belmont | Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

[personal profile] masterofthewhip 2016-10-30 01:29 am (UTC)(link)
IC Information

Character name: Richter Belmont

Character canon: Castlevania: Symphony of the Night

Canon point: Best End (canon ending, where Maria chases Alucard)

Character history: Here is his history through the games! Headcanon other than that... he was raised by his parents until he was a preteen, and then raised and trained by his grandfather, Juste, who was a mage as well as a vampire hunter, in preparation for Dracula's resurrection. He returned to hs hometown at about 16 as a fully fledged hunter, and started dating hs childhood friend, Annette.

Character world: The world is akin to the 1790s of the real earth in terms of technology and culture, but magic is off the charts. Most notably, monsters are real. Hunters fight them. There are mages, as well; Richter is in fact descended from a clan of magic users, though his abilities are mostly minor; item crashes and the ability to wield the Vampire Killer.

Character personality: Richter Belmont is... overly invested in his work, and overly dramatic as well. However, he's a hard worker, and doesn't let anything stop him. Not vampires, not werewolves, not... ok, he's a little susceptible to mind control. He's a big eater, and will eat practically anything, including but not limited to meat found in walls. Richter Belmont is very, very devoted to his loved ones, but not as much as he is to the deliverance of life from evil. He was willing to save his girlfriend, Annette Renard, from Dracula's clutches at great personal danger, but in the bad path, where she is not saved before being turned into a vampire, he kills her, though he is not at all happy to do so. He's saved many people from evil, and believes it to be his calling, and he's not wrong.

Richter is strong, and that defines a lot of him. He's strong in his decisions, his actions, and his words, to the point of being a bit of a ham. More than a bit, really. He's a very firm man, and usually comfortable in his work, and can adjust to any decision he must make.

Richter is a loving man. He risked his life for the sake of the girl he loved, many times, and slayed thousands of monsters for her sake. He's also a very self-sacrificing, selfless man, doing what he does for the sake of humanity as a whole, above and beyond what he does for his loved ones. He's somewhat empathetic, as shown when he sees that Maria has feelings for Alucard. He's kind enough to tell her to follow her feelings, too.

In Hex, Richter's changed a little. He's become somewhat more callous, as he sort-of-remembers killing Annette. He tends to be withdrawn and is hard to open up. However, in any universe, he likes and gets along well with children. Children can always open his heart, even when that may not be the best thing (see: teaching a girl how to use a swing set and dropping his guard while patrolling).

All in all, Richter is a genuinely good man. His one great weakness, the fear that Shaft played upon, is the fear of being useless. He is afraid of having nothing left to conquer, no fight left to fight, and of being forgotten. Shaft played upon that, allowing Richter's deepest darkest desire - the desire for glory - to taint his thoughts and actions, leading hm to raise Dracula for an eternal battle. Perhaps he would even have been willing to give up his mortality for that corrupted glory under Shaft's influence. Richter's greatest sin is pride, knowing that he is the best of the best, but he tries to temper his pride with humility and realism. After all, even the best can die in the field. And secretly, Richter would be more ok with that than with dying of old age.

Character abilities: Richter is an extremely talented fighter of the mundane variety. He's able to use many weapons, but his specialities include dodging, acrobatics, and whip-fighting. On the less mundane side, Richter can use Vampire Killer to absorb life energy and convert it into magic, which he then uses to perform item crashes and abuse subweapons, including creating axes and knives or flinging infinite holy water. Yes, he can do these things, or could before.

Samples: Thread Sample
Traditional Sample

It happens too much, and lately it's getting worse. He can't see a therapist about this, or at least can't be more than vague. These nightmares, they keep coming, but he can't tell just anyone that he dreams about his girlfriend - or wife, now, even though she's in his old, half-remembered home, he hopes - turning into a vampire and trying to kill him. This goes double for not telling them that he then dreams he staked her and threw a molotov cocktail - how does he even know that phrase? - into the building before driving away. It'd get him crazy looks from all but his fellow hunters or a very in-the-know priest, and that's all he confides in.

It's good that the church reaches even here and now, he thinks as he watches his face. Without them, he'd be lost. Maybe in Hex, maybe in Afghanistan, which he sometimes remembers and dreams about as well. Those dreams, at least, he can talk to a therapist about, except the parts with the cults killing soldiers in the mountains. Sadly, those parts feature heavily in his nightmares.

That's not even going into his half-remembered old life. Those dreams are less frequent, but none the less terrifying for it. Even remembering... The recall causes him to slip with his razor, and he cuts himself, drawing a sharp breath and a choked curse. God above, that smarts. The pain distracts him from the memory... Yet another victory for the god-machine, though he does not know that.

AU nature: Richter is now a Hunter, a mundane master of using anything at hand to fight the forces of the supernatural. While he stll has the Vampire Killer, he does not use it much, because it is a Relic in hunter terms - a magical weapon granted to him by the church that has awesome powers. In this case, it gives the ability to convert damage that it deals into temporary XP that can be spent on boons and bonuses. It's kind of OP. He can no longer perform item crashes.

AU history: Richter remembers a totally different version of his history. He remembers public school education. He remembers Juste being a veteran of the Korean war. He also remembers being a soldier himself, fighting in Afghanistan. When in the field, he had his first encounter with the supernatural, but wrote it off as a demon cult or something. Then he came home... And found out his girlfriend had become a vampire. That really hurts the self esteem, and other people, so he lured her to an abandoned warehouse, staked her and threw a molotov into the building. That was not that long ago.

Justification: Richter is a hunter in canon, and in one bad end kills Annette. I just played on that.
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