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In order to keep the number of players from getting overwhelming for the mods, all applications are processed in a queue in the order submitted and characters are accepted as space becomes available (either as space in the game is increased or other characters are removed from the game). Acceptance into the queue does not guarantee entrance to the game; unless there are glaring errors in the application (such as a missing section) or moderator concerns, all applications go into the queue based on the time of reserve (if applicable) or submission.

There are two queues, one for newly arrived characters and one for those who are already residents of Hex. At the time of game opening, there will be twelve slots for new arrivals and twelve for current residents, discounting moderator characters. (Moderator characters apped in after game start will be a part of the queue.) The remaining four slots in the game will go to whichever fills up first.

Post your applications to this entry in the following format: First comment should contain the OOC information section only. Successive comments should be posted in reply to that comment, as many as you need. Moderator responses will be appended to the last comment of the application.

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Kageyama "Mob" Shigeo | Mob Psycho 100

[personal profile] shigeo 2016-11-20 04:00 pm (UTC)(link)
OOC Information

Player name: Kippie

Player age and gender: 26, female

Any other characters in game? None
shigeo: (Esper)

[personal profile] shigeo 2016-11-20 04:00 pm (UTC)(link)
IC Information

Character name: Shigeo Kageyama

Character canon: Mob Psycho 100 (manga)

Canon point: Chapter 97

Character history: Wiki link!

Character world: Mob's from a fictional city called Spice City, presumably in an alternate universe Japan. Most things are regarded as fictional, but supernatural creatures, ghosts, spirits and espers are all extremely real. By the point in the current chapters, the truth about the supernatural is beginning to arise with the growth of a giant broccoli (yes, I'm serious) and various other unexplained incidents (almost all of which were also caused by Mob).

Character personality: Kageyama Shigeo is called "Mob" by his peers because his bland face and personality makes him blend in with the crowd (bless that Japanese lack of understanding of English), and his subdued demeanor is what most people see when they first meet him. Shigeo is an emotional kid just like any other teenager, but because he makes a regular habit of tempering his emotions down, he rarely raises his voice or gets angry, and has a hard time getting along with people and understanding their interests or following the crowd's mood. He has a habit of not being in on the joke, young and socially unaware in general, and being socially outcast by his awkward behavior only exacerbates the situation. After several negative experiences, including a time when he seriously hurt some older kids, the reason he has a hard time expressing himself is because he is subconsciously very wary of his own powers and what he might do if he truly cuts loose. Even more than that, when most kids responded to his powers with wariness or disinterest, he found even less of a use for expressing them in front of people. Even without consciously thinking it, Shigeo has a hard time having a strong emotional reaction to stimuli, simply out of the complex he's built to protect himself and others.

Despite that, Shigeo is a very sweet and compassionate young man who hates hurting other people, and yearns for friendship and even some popularity. He never holds bitter resentment towards other people for the way they mistreat him, instead often internalizing it or even simply becoming resolved to try and improve himself to suit them. He wants to help people, and he hates the idea of using his powers on other people, but he will do whatever it takes to keep his friends and family safe in an emergency. There are many situations where responsibility for the safety of strangers falls on his shoulders, which is more than most 14-year-olds can bear and often strains Shigeo to the limits of what he can emotionally endure. Nonetheless, he can and has taken those responsibilities on himself in order to do the right thing, and when facing powerful opponents, he always tries to talk them down or to disable them rather than ever doing them serious harm.

Shigeo has always wanted to do something productive with himself, though it has taken him a long time to really understand that what he wants is to be able to do what he wants without using his psychic powers, per se. He hasn't solidly decided on what he wants to do, and he doesn't exactly hate his powers... he has joined the Body Improvement club to make up for the physical weakness he had developed from being too dependent on his psychic powers, and he has been working with his 'mentor' Reigen to seek guidance in the world. He's an impressionable kid, and consistently needs direction, which is the core of his character - he's fourteen years old, a dangerously powerful psychic, and he has literally no idea what he wants out of his life.

Character abilities: Mob has incredible strength as an Esper, clearly one of the strongest in the setting thus far. He is capable of absorbing and holding an inconceivable amount of psychic energy, and apparently has had his body described (by a spirit) as highly conductive. With this, Mob has access to telekinesis strong enough to lift entire buildings into the air with energy to spare, energy awareness where he can pinpoint other espers or ghosts by sensing their energies, energy transference where he can dump his power into someone else (esper or not) and convey thoughts and feelings in that manner, astral projection, and chlorokinesis to control plants.

Samples: [We require two samples, at least one of which must demonstrate the character interacting with another in a thread. There should be a little introspection between the two samples, but you are welcome to use either a thread and a traditional sample or two threads.]
Test Drive Top Thread

AU nature: Mob is no longer an esper, but a Mage. He has a diverse collection of the Arcana, holding power in Death, Forces, Prime, and most recently in Life. He also has impressive Gnosis (reflecting his surprising wealth of power in canon).

AU history: Shigeo experienced his "Awakening" at a disturbingly young age, far too young for most Mages - he wrote his name on the Watchtower, becoming a Moros at a very young age. He then grew up exhibiting strange powers, experimenting with them intermittently but mostly just living like a normal kid. He could see ghosts, and all sorts of strange things... but that was simply life, for Shigeo. It wasn't until an incident with some high schoolers bullying him and his brother that Shigeo used his powers to attack someone - and immediately felt the guilt and misery, both of hurting the bullies on purpose and of accidentally hurting his little brother Ritsu in the process.

Feeling isolated and terrified by his power, which he had never used very seriously before, he sought out guidance - and encountered a plain mortal posing as a magician named Reigen Arataka. Although Reigen was completely oblivious to real magic, he certainly pretended he knew what he was talking about, posing as a master of spiritual magic and rituals and pretending to also be a man with incredible powers, just like Mob. Despite Reigen using Mob for his ghost exorcism business, he offered really valuable words of advice, giving the young Mage a code of ethics that he could live by. He would never use his powers poorly, and especially never on normal people. He would try his best to make himself better, and to be a good person.

In his recent life, he decided to join the Body Improvement Club at his middle school, thinking that he might be able to impress the girl he has a crush on. Thus far, he hasn't yielded many results - distraction from his job investigating the supernatural (particularly ghosts) tends to keep him busy.

Justification: Mob's struggle with himself is, in part, a struggle to figure out what to actually do with his powers. He doesn't want to use them to hurt people, and wants to help others - finding the point of your powers and using them wisely most pertinently reflects the story of Mage. Additionally, Mob's powers are most easily paralleled by Mage Arcana.
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[personal profile] shigeo 2016-12-08 01:06 am (UTC)(link)
Since threads from other games seem to work: A second thread sample!