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In order to keep the number of players from getting overwhelming for the mods, all applications are processed in a queue in the order submitted and characters are accepted as space becomes available (either as space in the game is increased or other characters are removed from the game). Acceptance into the queue does not guarantee entrance to the game; unless there are glaring errors in the application (such as a missing section) or moderator concerns, all applications go into the queue based on the time of reserve (if applicable) or submission.

There are two queues, one for newly arrived characters and one for those who are already residents of Hex. At the time of game opening, there will be twelve slots for new arrivals and twelve for current residents, discounting moderator characters. (Moderator characters apped in after game start will be a part of the queue.) The remaining four slots in the game will go to whichever fills up first.

Post your applications to this entry in the following format: First comment should contain the OOC information section only. Successive comments should be posted in reply to that comment, as many as you need. Moderator responses will be appended to the last comment of the application.

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Character abilities:
Okay, so she never uses the carapace armor (explained below) anymore in her comic appearances, and I think Marvel's hoping to just pretend it never existed, but tbh as it wasn't actually a power that went with the Hunter magic she was given, it doesn't make sense to me that it would just DISAPPEAR ENTIRELY AS A POWER just because it was damaged. I choose to believe it went dormant in self-defense, sort of, if that makes sense?

After the events of Spider-Island, Anya is shown to have somehow either regained her own powers, or retained the Spider-Man-esque powers that she had gained (like so many other people) during the Spider-Island event, despite taking the antidote. As there is no further canon on her, aside from seeing her in the background of Avengers Academy afterwards, I have had to come to my own conclusions regarding this turn of events, and this is what I've come up with.

The Spider Virus, in her system, reawakened her dormant (and she thought completely lost) powers that had awakened when she was given the Hunter powers, though she was not initially aware of it. She has enhanced speed, strength, endurance, and (especially) agility; additionally she can summon a blue insectoid carapace armor, from the magically hidden tattoo on her right arm that is only hidden if she wants it to be. Also, apparently the Spider Virus mutated her existing powers or something, because despite taking the antidote (which should've removed any powers she didn't have before) she retains the ability to both climb walls and shoot webbing, and it doesn't make sense otherwise.

Also her hair has inexplicably gotten SUPER LONG in her character design, and I choose to believe that her hair has turned into soft, fast-growing, non-sticky spider silk, more or less, because it's seriously RIDICULOUSLY long, even for a superhero, okay? ...I can drop the hair thing if you want, it's mostly just silliness.

She can also be INFINITELY annoying by asking all sorts of prying questions, if she has a mind to. Plus some snark, as is all-but-required for superheroes of the spider persuasion. She can parkour like a boss, even without powers, and has a fair amount of hand-to-hand training - less any specific style than what will be useful. Other than that, she's basically your average 19yo girl.
1) Thread with Captain Marvel
Anya hated patrolling in the rain. It was wet, cold, and meant she'd have to be drinking tea and cocoa and coffee all day tomorrow just to get rid of the chill. Even worse was patrolling in the rain by herself. Rikki had met her on their normal rooftop and Anya had immediately told the other girl to get her ass back home and sleep, because when you have a fever, a cough, and look like death warmed over? So not the time to be fighting crime in the rain and 65 degree weather. Anya was no stranger to crime fighting with a cold, and it was not her best night, all told.

She settled near the edge of a roof, under a small outcropping from the taller building bumped up against it that blocked most of the rain, scanning the streets below her before pulling out her cell phone to shoot off a quick tweet to her adoring fans. Or, y'know, to stave off boredom.

Do you think Spider-Man waits in the rain for crime to happen, or does he have some kind of emergency hotline so he doesn't have to?

She'd give it another half hour. If she hadn't spotted any crime to stop in half an hour, she was going home and Rikki could be disapproving in the morning.

Intended decay path: I think I'm gunning for a Beast-seeming changeling with a spider theme? kidnapped when she was young, because she can't help poking her nose into corners and climbing up into trees and up on tall things, and they made her into a spider to climb up into the dark corners and watch. That's my thought, anyway.

Stigmatic glitch: Things seem slightly gold-tinted around her, like looking through a pair of goggles with yellow-gold lenses